Status Českého velkopřevorství


To Whom it may Concern.

The Grand Priory of Bohemia, Order of Saint Lazarus- Jerusalem, is established in The Czech Republic within a legal entity OSLJ-Bohemia.

OSLJ-Bohemia is registered and incorporated under the laws of The Czech Republic with broad powers of intervention both within the country as well as abroad.

Its legal representatives are Mr. Jan Dobrzensky, Grand Prior and Mrs Kamila Malinská, Chancellor.

Furthermore, The seat of OSLJ-Bohemia is registered at the address Riegrova 1, 58301 Chotebor, The Czech Republic and also acts as The seat of The Grand Master Emeritus, Jan Count Dobrzensky de Dobrzenicz.

Email address     velmistr.jan@gmail.com

Let be known that OSLJ- Bohemia, its officers, and The Grand Master Emeritus act in total independance from The Grand Magistry and other Governances of OSLJ International.

Jan Dobrzensky   

President OSLJ – Bohemia